Our Work

We work with the following range of metals:

Mild Steel | Galvanised Steel | Stainless Steel | Copper | Brass

Working with metals varying from 0.9mm – 12mm thick, and our presses have a capability of up to 200 Tonnes.

• Sheet metal fabrication

• Progressive presswork/High volume stamping

• Precision Presswork

• Metal presswork

• Welding and assembly

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We work with the following range of metals:

Mild Steel | Galvanised Steel | Stainless Steel | Copper | Brass

Sheet metal fabrication

Our 90 years of experience working within a wide range of services; producing high quality low and high volume metal stamping.

Progressive presswork/High volume stamping

With our several coil feeders; we can produce units at a very high volume at a very competitive unit price, due to reduced labour and reduced tool changes.

Precision Presswork

We operate one of the largest metal presswork production facilities in the Midlands, with power presses ranging in capacity from 6 to 120 tonne. Our press machines are equipped for automatic coil feeding of materials up to 8mm thick using either progressive or single stage-operation tooling.

Metal presswork

With decades of experience, we use a highly developed deep-drawing process. Through using less material and reducing waste this ensures maximum efficiency and a very cost-effective production process.

Welding and assembly

We have the facilities in-house to complete spot welding work, adding to the range of services we can offer to our customers. 

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